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Strengthens the immune system, balances the function of the organs, Stimulation of lymphatic circulation, Analgesics, Stimulation of wound healing processes, Harmonization of energy centers, Antipyretics, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerating

SIDE EFFECTS: The use of the device has no harmful effects on the human body or animals. A detoxification process can begin in the body, whereby yellowish urine and runny nose can be experienced for a few days. The dissection phase of the tumor can sometimes be painful but not necessarily. The body is exposed to minimal current, which does NOT adversely affect cell function. The deviceshould not be used by :

-Patients with heart rate regulator, (pace maker)

-Pregnant Women,

-Children under 3 years                                    


The device is used at your own risk. -IMMUNOTIC alone can not cure. Healing is always performed by the body itself! - The device is not medical equipment, it is not used to cure diseases, but to improve well-being! - If you are undergoing regular medical treatment, consult your doctor before using the device. - It is used with special caution in lung cancer patients. (Pulmonary edema can occur before well-being)?


- 2 Years of warranty.     


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Enigmatic Group Immunotic

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