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Nitro2 Oxygen Spray for everyone

99% ,10l pure oxygen, natural and safe for all fitness passionate

for both, amateur and elite level.

Without caffeine, stimulants or calories.

Nitro2 oxygen spray is just as useful for ordinary person as it is for athletes.

Recommended: continuous mask use, smog and polluted air, smoking, lack of oxygen in old age, health problems, high altitude and crowded indoor low-oxygen environments.
It is not a medical product, so it is available to everyone.                                     

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Testimonials (Nitro2)

Nitro2 Training Mask

Boost your performance to the highest level! Use our traning mask to your trainings achieve your best!
The solution of hass system (high altitude simulation system).
It trains a muscle group that you need in every sport: your respiratory musclees.

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"I have been working a lot on my breathing lately. Its really something important to master in life and in the ring. Oxygen is the most important thing for human life, high oxygen levels keeps the blood alkaline. I have been giving the opportunity to use the Nitro2 oxygen spray from @oxyboost_o2sweden during and after training. It really helps recovering, I feel fresh faster and also more positive."
                     Dennis Georgsson

AlpenAir Oxybox

Pure oxygen concentration box. 

The oxybox generates 40-90% oxygen-containing clean air using a special filtration technique. It has no harmful effects or side effects.


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Daniel, 42 yeras old:  I don't perform any sports. I used the box 4 times for 15 minutes at 75% oxygen.  I felt good and more lively some hours after using oxybox. I think this works perfectly!


Oxygen Siphon

The siphon is made of pressure and oxygen-resistant medical 18/10 chair. From a cartridge, 2200 mg of medical oxygen is injected into the water at a pressure of 180 bar. The result is a milky oxygen-bubbling superoxygenated water.

This is a very effective and stimulating way to supply the body with extra oxygen. Recommended for:

• overweight

• heartburn / reflux

• circulatory / lung and digestive problems

• cancers but as a concomitant treatment / also for preventive purposes

• high blood pressure

• diabetes

• alkalizes the body

Supplement treatment when in radiation therapy.

Helps liver to take out the toxins from the body, cardiovascular disease, various lung diseases, anemia and asthma


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Fouzia : I practice walking, Before I used the oxybox I was feeling tired. After using it I felt better and after three days I felt so alive.

Bernard 45 years old : I used the oxybox two times for 15 min at 55% and 75 %. Before I used it I was feeling little tired. After the first try I felt little more energy. I think it is very nice to have it after a long day in the office .

Frequency therapy

The use of the Immunotic device is recommended as it can stop the harmful waves that arise from stress, even if they have not yet caused serious physical changes.

The existence of cellular memory has already been scientifically proven. During the development of the disease, individual cells also store information about the disease and function accordingly. The immunotic device can have a positive effect on the cells' "disease" - memory, which allows the body to apply information from previous "healthy function" at the (mobile level) cell level. It has a similar function to the reset button on your computer. (It performs the same function as the computer's reset button.) When this happens, the process of restoring the ideal state can begin immediately, and the body can quickly correct the error if the immune system is still strong enough. The Immunotic device also supports the harmonic function of the immune system, making it easier to defeat pathogens. Vibration information in different frequency ranges is required to start the processes. These programs are partly fixed and partly a microprocessor calculates the required information. After the program starts, the machine sends immune-stimulating responses to the body using signals from the wrist straps.


-Strengthens the immune system,

-Balances the function of the organs,

-Stimulation of lymphatic circulation,


-Stimulation of wound healing processes,

-Harmonization of energy centers,





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Immunotic frequency device does not replace

medical treatments!



Lisbet Malmborg 49 years old :I used oxybox two times for 15 min at 55 % and 75%. Before I used the oxybox I was overtired and had headache. After using it for the first time I felt like switched from being over tired to being over fresh. My headache disappeared in one and a half hour and i felt like I got more energy.

at the second use of oxybox after one hour I felt little more fresh but during the day I felt I was more active then usually and had more energy lef to work on the computer .

I think that It would be fun to test it during a more regular treatment. Since I work in office, it would be interesting if you could increase your performance in the afternoon by breathing a little more oxygen.


According to the World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), supplemental Oxygen is not considered a banned substance.






Oxygen concentrators are not classified as medical equipment, as the medical equivalent produces 100% oxygen and pumps out 5l / min or more. The use of masks can be effective against viruses, infected drops and dust but unfortunately the masks have a negative effect. It affects our normal air breathing. During the use of the mask, we breathe back much of the carbon dioxide that we exhale. In this case, it is of great help to our body that we use the oxygen spray instead.


It is not recommended to use Oxyboost products for people who need high levels of oxygen due to their illness.


                      100% HYGIENIC / 100% HEALTHY

Why? Because we use a special nano technology which takes the cans with the inside air 100% bacteria-free​! So this is a very important step of manufacturing to get the clearest air of the world!

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