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Let us show you how Oxygen can help you:


How our products may help you...

Our Immunotic devicde is an Frekvency Machine.
It should not be confused with other bioresonance machines. 
The Immunotic unit works with different frequencies that initiate the body's own self-healing process.
It may be effective against a variety of diseases. 
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How our oxygen machine may help you:

Our Oxygen Therapy Machine involves breathing in clean air with a oxygen content of 40% -99% via a headset or spray. 
The oxygen-rich air is taken up by the lungs and then passed via the blood directly to the cells. 
If you add extra oxygen to the body, the functions of the brain, muscles and internal organs are optimized.
Oxygen therapy can counteract fatigue and fill you with energy!
With our Oxygen Siphon, you can also drink oxygen-enriched water. This is a pleasant and very effective way to supply the body with extra oxygen.
We also have a skin care product. 100% pure from chemicals. Contains only oxygen-enriched water. Regenerating, moisturizing and refreshing.



  • It reliefs stress 

  • It relies headache

  • Effective against fatigue

  • Increases the stamina and physical performance

  • Purifies your body from toxins  (effective against hang over)

  • Increases concentration

  • Enhances the function of memory

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Effective against viruses and bacteria 

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Erzsébet Marics

Fosievägen 31b

214 31 Malmö , SE

Tel.: 0709-994978


Recommended for:
  • Wellness/SPA

  • Hotels

  • Gym

  • Office

  • Bars or Night Clubs

  • Schools

  • Retirement home

  • Alpinists

  • Skiers 



(2x Nobel Prize for cancer research)

“Cancer has only one major cause. This is the conversion of normal cellular respiration to anaerobic (oxygen deficient) respiration. ”



“We found low levels of oxygen in all the major illnesses. Low oxygen supply to body tissues is certainly a sign of disease. Hypoxia or lack of oxygen in tissues is the root cause of all degenerative diseases. ”


William Kaelin, Peter Ratcliffe,
Gregg Semenza


The 2019 Nobel Prize in Medical Physiology was given for the oxygen level of the cells research. They have found that oxygen plays a key role in maintaining life and how genes change in function of available oxygen levels and what hormones are triggered in the event of a deficiency.

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